Corporate Clients

Closely held businesses face unique challenges that change as the business progresses through its lifecycle. By positioning ourselves as an extension of the leadership team, we sit on the same side of the table and seek to implement the optimal solutions for each stage of the business lifecycle.

We’ll support the creation of a sustainable framework from which to advance your business toward maturity and navigate its evolution until the planned exit.



You’ve turned an idea into a concept. Now it’s time to turn your concept into a business. That means establishing a business entity and surrounding it with the financial, legal, tax, and insurance tools it will need to thrive. We’ll guide you through the maze of options and partner with your tax and legal professionals to create a framework from which you can build.



In most cases, growing your top line also means growing your headcount and internal infrastructure – and doing so efficiently can be critical in growing your bottom line. Benefits packages and retirement plans become vital to attracting and retaining the talent you need to help your business advance. We understand that, and we understand how to assemble solutions that are peer-competitive and owner-friendly. Getting creative is our specialty.



You’ve pushed through some growing pains, refined your business model, and you’re making money. In many cases, you’ve surrounded yourself with an executive team that you trust with key responsibilities and decisions. With a mature business, now the focus is on increasing profitability within the business and creating net worth outside of the business. Finding harmony in the balance between providing for your people and providing for yourself requires careful design and strategic use of qualified and non-qualified savings plans and benefits tools. We’ll work to help you maximize the tools available to maximize your results.



You’ve created, advanced, and matured your business, and now you’re at the “what’s next?” junction. Your business is going to evolve – whether that’s to capture a new market, develop a new product, or take another path is up to you. And whichever direction you go, we’ll adapt our solutions. Sometimes that means simply bolstering what you’re already doing, and other times it means a complete overhaul. Whatever the situation, we’ve got your back.



Eventually, you’ll exit your business. It’s an inevitability. It can be the culmination of a life’s work, or it can be a stepping stone on the path to another idea. What will matter is how well you prepare. This is where advanced planning makes all the difference. Our team will work alongside your tax and legal professionals to orchestrate a plan that can be set into motion when the moment comes.

Vision Financial Group and Commonwealth Financial Network do not provide business consulting or exit planning services. Please consult a business planning professional regarding your individual situation.